Live Life Aligned

Now, picture a river flowing and your boat is in the current with a few twists and turns but enjoying the ride and taking in the scenery.  With full confidence that the river knows where it is flowing.  The enjoyment, ease and delight you are experiencing as you move along.  AHHHH!!!

So how do you discover that path for you?  Let’s use your Value Compass (VC) and get clear on where you want to go at this point in your life and then you can enjoy the scenery, smell the flowers, taste the joy in life as you Live YOUR Life Aligned!

During this Phase we will:

  1. Discard those things that you no longer need to carry
  2. Discover your joy
  3. Design everyday actions to use your VC

People that live aligned that get overwhelmed don’t muscle through it.  They become more conscious of their thoughts and behaviors by simply being true to their compass in setting your intentions.