Decide To Discover

We spend our lives compromising our values and justifying our decisions based on values that may or may not be true to us. Until one day you arrive at “Success” and realize you have forgotten what’s “True” to you.

Imagine what it would be like to KNOW with certainty and clarity what those are for you, NOW, at this point in your lift.  To rediscover the compass that you can rely on truly depend on to move you to Live Life Aligned to feel fully alive every day!     YOU CAN DO THIS!

During this Phase we will:

  1. Determine your starting point
  2. Discern what is important to you at this stage of your life
  3. Declare your “True North” and create your personal Value Compass

Like any good compass, it has a “True North”.  But a compass is only valuable when you need to move.  Choose what direction to go in. So many choices!